What We Stand For

Bottom line up front, we value dissension, diversity, and equity with the understanding that the ability to never back down is what challenges the system to bend, break, and change for the greater good.

In honor of the many Lavender Menaces that came before, Lavender Menace Designs has a desire to aid education and fuel the organizations working against harmful systems as a means to achieve equity.

We started Lavender Menace Designs as a way to show the history, context, and movements within the many intersections of the LGBTQ+ community, while also allowing our community to have pride in products that are not based in rainbow capitalism or values that fight against our rights to exist.

On almost every product page you’ll see references that connect to and inspired many of our designs. Much of what has inspired us is built out of the tragedies, strife, and challenges that LGBTQ+ communities face in the intersections of our lives. But it is our goal to honor, educate, and remember in the hopes that an educated community will be better suited to fight the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Stay menacing,

Britt & Nic


Supporting Community

We've identified organizations that connect to the history of the LGBTQ+ community, its intersections, and those that work to fight and tear down systems of oppression. We vow to donate 10% of every sale on a quarterly basis to these organizations. These organizations include the Astrea Lesbian Foundation for Justice, Human Rights Campaign, GLSEN, Trevor Project, Transgender Law Center, WISE Fund, and Man Therapy. Please contact us if you know if another organization that could use the additional financial support as the context of what is going on today may drive different needs or priorities. We are a small business, but we will do what we can to back change leaders in our nation and around the world.

Astrea Lesbian Foundation for Justice

Human Rights Campaign


The Trevor Project

Transgender Law Center


Man Therapy